5 Signs Mindset Coaching Could Be A Game-Changer For Your Business

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January 03, 20225 min read

Many exasperated entrepreneurs have invested thousands to learn new tactics and strategies yet are still not achieving the results they want in their business and life. If that's you, you may need something besides new marketing, sales and productivity strategies. It may be time to get some mindset support instead.

Five Common Problems Solved With Mindset Coaching

🎯 You have a goal and know what you need to be doing to achieve it but can't get yourself to take action. Instead, you procrastinate with tasks and activities that feel safe and easy.

😩You feel overwhelmed, confused, anxious, frustrated or other negative emotions regarding something you're trying to accomplish in your business.

📈 You're leveling up and have opportunities to create bigger results and impact more people and the dreaded Imposter Syndrome has you asking "Who am I to do this?" or "I'm afraid I'll fall flat on my face", etc.

🌀You're overthinking a decision and spinning out trying to figure out the "right" choice.

😱Your fear of failure has you engaging in perfectionism which is getting in the way of showing up, taking action and learning from the results (desired or not desired results).


When you know what you want to do but can't get yourself to do it that is procrastination. Exasperated entrepreneurs find themselves doing the tasks and activities that feel safe rather than tackling the more challenging ones that move the needle on their goals. They put things off until the last possible minute, keep moving projects forward on their calendars without ever making meaningful progress on finishing them.

Reacting To Negative Emotions

Procrastination is one way exasperated entrepreneurs react to negative emotions like fear, overwhelm and confusion. When you don't know how to manage your emotions, they can suck the joy out of running your business and lead to burnout, health problems, and conflict in your relationships.

Imposter Syndrome

This phenomenon was coined in the 1970s by psychotherapists and researchers Pauline Rose Clance and Suzanne Ament Imes at Georgia State University. They noticed that a high percentage of highly qualified and successful women, despite their qualifications and accomplishments, considered themselves "imposters". They feared that someone would discover that they didn't actually measure up to the impression others had of them. They struggled to internalize their success and attributed their accomplishments to luck or the mistaken evaluations of others.

Since they don't believe they created or deserve their success they fear they won't be able to sustain it. And for entrepreneurs, this leads to delaying hiring team members or investing in their business because they fear they won't be able to pay for those investments if their "luck runs out."

Overthinking & Spinning Out On Decisions

Exasperated entrepreneurs struggle to make decisions. This not only becomes a roadblock to creating traction and results, but it also wears them out. They constantly ask others what they should do, create endless pro/con lists, and even when they do land on a choice, they immediately begin second-guessing themselves.

Perfectionism and Fear of Failure

Most Exasperated Entrepreneurs have the mistaken belief that getting things "right" and doing things "perfectly" will protect them from failure. This low tolerance for the trial and error approach that is inherent in entrepreneurship leads these business owners to play small and safe instead of going after realizing their big vision and purpose.

What is Mindset Coaching and How Does It Solve These Problems?

So how do we solve those problems and what role does mindset coaching play?

Your mindset is the collection of beliefs, values, judgements and opinions you've developed over the course of your life. Many of these are internalized from external sources like our culture, education environments, family and caregivers, friends and religion.

Your brain automates repetitive thoughts and then offers them on autopilot whenever a new circumstance you encounter shares characteristics with the circumstances involved in the formation of the belief.

These automated beliefs become a filter through which we assess and react to our environment and different situations.

The vast majority of our thinking is nonconscious. This saves us energy because consciously evaluating and deciding what to think requires much more work. But the part of our brain that stores and offers these thoughts prioritizes seeking pleasure, avoiding discomfort and conserving energy.

That is a recipe for doing the same things we have always done. And it is the exact opposite of what is required when we are growing a business (or growing and transforming any area of our lives).

Mindset coaching involves:

  • identifying your current thinking that is producing your current emotional experience, behavior and results

  • evaluating which beliefs serve you and your current goals (and which don't)

  • equipping you with skills to manage your negative emotions like fear, overwhelm and self-doubt and cultivate more useful positive emotions.

  • using your beliefs and emotions to fuel the ability to consistently take the actions that create the new and better outcomes.

Free Resources To Help You Transform Your Mindset

If any of those five common problems (or something similar) has you stuck, I can help you.

Check out the free resources over on my Work With Me Page.

Or, if you want some personalized help, click here to apply for a free Breakthrough Session. In this 45-minute session, you can share the problems you’re experiencing and I can offer you some valuable coaching and perspective. If it makes sense for us to work together, I can share in detail how I can help you transform from an exasperated entrepreneur to an empowered entrepreneur. My goal for your Breakthrough Session is to make it the most valuable 45 minutes of your week. Apply now!

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I've experienced a significant increase in my online business revenue and am helping more dogs and dog owners.

Before coaching with Laura I had multiple big issues and didn't really know where to start. I knew on some level my thoughts were not serving me, but I couldn't change them.

Laura guided me through a simple process (without judgment) that helped me shift my thinking and process my doubts and fears.

Now I feel light, energized and focused. I'm spending more time on things that matter so I'm creating more income and impact.

Denise Mazzola, Owner of Everything Dog


I've been able to dramatically reduce the hours I work which has given me the freedom to spend more time with my family, go on vacations and pursue hobbies I'm passionate about.

And I was able to work less without negatively impacting my bottom line!

I felt so empowered and encouraged every single step of the way. I never felt judged. We tackled my fears, anxiety and so many things!

I can happily say that right now I am so at peace.

JoJo Husain, Business Strategist


My business is thriving, my most important relationships are getting the attention they deserve, and I'm enjoying life on a whole new level!

Before coaching with Laura, I felt overwhelmed. I was dropping balls left and right, disappointing everyone and driving myself completely insane.

Laura helped me identify my priorities and provided a framework for taming my out-of-control schedule and beating back my burnout. She provided perspective and much needed clarity.

Quicker than I thought possible, I went from operating in crisis mode to a much more peaceful and productive life.

Cameron Amthor, Salon Owner, Wife & Mom

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It's amazing what coaching with Laura can do for you!

I felt stuck as I began setting up my coaching practice. Doubt and insecurity kept me from creating my website and putting myself out there to coach people.

I had recently completed my Master's Degree and Life Coach Certification and was struggling to integrate my training with my Christian values. I knew I needed to invest in myself and I knew Laura was the right person to help me.

After coaching with Laura, I not only had a beautiful website up and running, I had a new mindset. I changed my thinking in so many areas—especially regarding what other people think about me.

Viviane Meneghin, Cross Cultural Coach


Working with Laura changed the way I combat fears, embrace change and approach relationships. Life altering!

Laura helped me reframe the way I was envisioning my future so I could make strides toward realizing goals I didn't even know I had.

Miranda Bradley, Owner of BCreative, Wife & Mom

God has put the dream of your business in your mind and heart for a reason!

Don't let fear, frustration and self-doubt stop you from living out your purpose and helping those you're called to serve.

It's time to start renewing your mind so you can transform your business and life in a meaningful way.


Choose how you like to learn: watch videos, listen to the private podcast while on the go, or read the transcripts. Plus, the Bonus workbook will help you quickly and easily put the concepts you learn into action right away!

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